The Trust believes that given a few hours of help after school hours, children will definitely improve leading to better performance in class. This support will help them to gain confidence so that they are able to participate fully in the educational system. Thereby decreasing the possibility of these children dropping out from schools increasing the overall school retention rate among such children. We believe that education is one of the main tools to mainstream poor and marginalized children

    Since primary level is the foundation of education, the Trust is presently focusing on the children of age groups of 5-12 years irrespective of gender and caste.

    The members of the Trust voluntarily visit accessible slum areas and help the children who are unable to cope with their studies because of lack of parental involvement due to various reasons, mainly the parents are themselves illiterate, they cannot afford private tuition and they have no time to be with the children.

    The trust arranged books and other basic items of stationery to give to poor children to help and encourage them towards getting educated.

    The trust also intends to increase its contribution in the works of education and helping more and more poor children to attain education.

    The Trust donated books to poor children to be used with their regular curriculum and also gave scholarships. The Trust expended Rs. 15,575/- for the purpose.