The trust is taking initiatives and is constantly working on new horizons needing focused implementation of various ideas and plans. Resources, efforts and selfless dedication make this successful

In common terms:

  • To bring total health and happiness for people, and healing for physical, mental, and emotional self.

  • To acquire and run our mobile dispensary throughout order to overcome the shortage of doctors and medical support for the inhabitants of various colonies inhabited by the poor in Delhi and to provide medical relief at their doorstep

  • To provide relief to the poor especially children by providing food, clothing, medical and educational assistance, maintenance of boarding and common facilities

  • To reach out to people and situations affected by various natural calamities

  • Helping Old age people

  • Helping the weaker section societies

  • Providing computer education

  • Tree Plantation

  • Helping Cancer Patients


  • To be a charitable organization that can work to provide relief and help the underprivileged in their day to day regular needs.

  • Help improve the literacy level among the poor and slum children by supporting them in their education through various means.

  • To be an organization with values and culture based on Indian tradition providing total guidance in maintaining health through our Self-Empowerment programs

  • To create opportunities for the illiterate and underprivileged women to work and earn a decent living.