The aims and objectives of the Trust shall be as enumerated below:

a) This organization will be a purely charitable Trust to help and serve all human beings especially the socially deprived and weaker sections of the society, without discrimination based on caste, creed, race, religion, or gender, placing special stress on persons belonging to the scheduled tribes and castes, to improve their economic, educational and health- related status b) The Trust may perform all such acts as may be considered necessary or conducive to the attainment of the aforesaid objects. c)In order to achieve the above objectives 1. Accept donations, grants, presents, property (movable or immovable) which is free of encumbrances and any other offerings for the Trust and undertake and accept management of any endowment / trust fund / Membership Fees / Trustee Fees from Donors / Members in India / abroad. 2. Establish, run, support / grant aid / legal aid, educational help, including scholarships, to meritorious students or other financial assistance to Schools, Colleges, Universities, Libraries, Reading Rooms, Laboratories, Community Development Centers, Food Grain Banks, Vocational Training Centers, Hospitals, Medical Schools and Colleges, using Institutions, Dispensaries, Maternity Homes, Child Welfare Centers, Family Welfare Centre, places for worship and other institutions of similar nature in India, for the use of the. economically weaker members of the general public, and the physically and mentally challenged individuals 3. Carry on all such activities which are necessary for the removal of pollution related problems; .'plant trees; provide help to / take help from persons / institutions engaged in such activities 4. Establish, run and operate Live-Stock! Cattle Fields, Rehabilitation and Milk Production Centers, Small Rural Home Industries, Solar Energy Plants and other Pro-Environment Centers that would provide employment in rural and urban area to unemployed youth. Provide help to / take help from persons / institutions engaged in such activities. 5. Promote / establish, support and maintain institutions for the promotion of science, Literature, music, drama and fine arts to offer financial assistance for that purpose facilitate research. 6. Promote and support study of, and research into, regional languages and to help publish the findings of such research. 7.Help Preserve Historical monument. 8. Carry out / support any such activities that ensure adequate water supply to villages and all kinds of assistance in the matters of irrigation. 9. Grant relief and assistance to the needy victims of natural calamities such as famine, earthquake, flood, fire, pestilence, etc., and to provide financial and other assistance to receive such from persons / institutions / establishments engaged in such relief work. 10. Establish and operate centers in backward areas of villages and towns for the overall upliftment of women in the fields of formal and informal education, household and technical training, education on issues related to old age, and provide / support hostels for such working women. 11. Undertake acts to help widows, divorced women, and abandoned / neglected women and otherwise needy women. 12. Carry out all such acts which are necessary for the upliftment of the handicapped, impoverished, those in need, and the orphans; to ensure they are able to achieve a maximum possible degree of independence 13. Organize /Help organize meetings, lectures, traditional festivals and other cultural programmes for the promotion of social integration and national unity amongst all without any discrimination of caste, creed, race or gender. 14. Arrange conferences, seminars, exhibitions, viewing of educational films, plays and other types of traditional programmes and festivals, and to distribute or publish appropriate magazines and newspapers, in order to promote Indian moral values particularly in the youth and students and to promote national integration and unity among all citizens. 15. Protect and promote Indian cultural values, ideas and customs amongst the people; promote the practice of respecting the ancestors, elders and outstanding citizens of the country. 16. Promote and publish our ancient texts, and other literature, and provide for their study and research 17. Carry out study of, and. research into, social customs, traditions and other cultural aspects of' all segments of the societies including adivasies, vanavasies, girivasies and other socially backwards classes. 18. Promote physical development and necessary facilities especially among the youth: run centers that will organize regular games and exercises like malkham, judo-karate, wrestling, and other physical activities traditional to and popular within villages; promote yoga and meditation. 19. Construct, maintain, alter, improve, purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire, takeover or otherwise acquire, property (movable or immovable) and to acquire any rights or privileges which may be deemed necessary or expedient for the purpose of the Trust to hold, maintain, improve, develop, manage, sell, lease, transfer, mortgage, dispense, turn to account for all or any part of the property of the Trust for its benefit. 20. To carry out all other lawful acts as are necessary, conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives. 21. To organize and hold exhibitions, charity shows or any type of activities in order to generate funds for the achievement of its objectives. If anyone or more of the objects specified in clause 2 of these presents are held not to be objects of a public charitable nature the trustees shall not carry out such object or subjects as if the same are not incorporated in these presents but the validity of the trust created by these presents as a trust for public charitable purposes shall not be affected in any manner.