About Us

Hindu Seva Foundation Trust is a philanthropic public charitable trust which is a non-religious, non-political body, registered vide trust deed registration no. 1305 dated 27/03/2012 with Sub Registrar V, New Delhi. The trust was incorporated on 27th March, 2012 but started its operation later in the month of April, 2012.

The Trust is committed to selfless social service and public welfare for the overall development and multi- dimensional upliftment of poor, down-trodden and under privileged people.

The Trust aims at providing hope and new opportunities, spiritual guidance, solace, alleviation of suffering, economic support, employment, promoting education and welfare programs and activities for the overall growth and welfare of the society.

Being a public charitable Trust, the Mission reaches out to people of all religions to unify humanity by spreading the universal message of love and brotherhood.
The Mission provides hope and new opportunities, economic support, promoting employment for overall growth and welfare of the weaker sections of the society.

To help and serve all human being especially the weaker sections of the society without any discrimination

Protect and promote Indian cultural values. Idea and customs amongst the people Work towards the upliftment of women in the society

Promote and support study of, and research into, regional languages and to help publish the findings of such research